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The research of documents available in our library can be made by way of our catalog (The discovery tool, Explore Federal Institutions, gives access to Library databases and certain online legal and Library resources)

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Research in jusbib

To extend your research to other networks of Swiss libraries, you can use jusbib, which brings together the bibliographical references of the Swiss legal libraries. This tool contains only the references to documents possessed by libraries and does not provide access to the electronic resources subscribed to by a particular institution.  

Legal classification of French-speaking Switzerland

The documents of the collection of our library are not indexed, but are categorised according to the legal classification of French-speaking Switzerland. Containing a combination of letters and of figures, this classification system designed to describe the subject material of the document. It is possible to search according to classification in the Explore tool. The systematic plan, available below in four languages, describes how this classification system works. An article by Jan Stepan, former deputy director and librarian at the Swiss Institute of comparative law, explains how the system began.

Systematic plan in English.

List of the initials used to identify the diverse states