President: Andrea Bonomi
Former Collaborator with the SICL and Professor, University of Lausanne

Vice President: Béatrice Métraux 
Former Collaborator with the SICL

Secretary General: Marie-Laure Lauria
Collaborator with the SICL

Treasurer: Olivier Frossard  
Former Collaborator with the SICL


Lukas Heckendorn Urscheler, Vice-Director of the SICL

Luc Recordon, Lawyer, former member at the Council of States of the Federal Parliament

Gian Paolo Romano, Professor, University of Geneva

Alfredo Ferrante, Professor, University of Pavia

Eva Lein, Professor, University of Geneva

Christiane Serkis, Former Collaborator with the SICL and former general secretary of the AiSDC

Guojian Xu, Lawyer, Shangai



The Ambassadors of the ASICL have, as their mission, to contribute to the exposure of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law in their region and in their professional circle – whether this in the practice of law or in a university setting, by

- disseminating all information regarding the activities of the Institute,

- liaising between the Institute and interested persons within their circle for scientific contributions to colloquia held at the Institute, publications, specific studies, legal opinions requiring specialised knowledge of experts,

- recommending potential future scholarship winners,

- proposing collaborative projects between their institutions (in particular, universities) and the Institute for the exchange of knowledge (the organisation of common seminars and colloquia)

- encouraging membership of the ASICL. 

List of Ambassadors