Rencontres informelles


21.02: La lutte contre le terrorisme et les libertés individuelles, Dr. Pierre MILLOGO

19.03: Protection of Pharmaceutical Inventions and Public Health, Bohdana Zvinerevska

28.03: “Durable Medium” as One of the Unique Types of Formal Requirements in European Private Law and Perspectives of its Development in Georgia, Giorgi Amiranashvili

11.04: Understanding the Digital Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Focus on Law & Taxation, Pavel Kulikov

30.04: Comparison of Common and Civil Law on the Implementation of Floating Charges and Commercial Pledges, Yaman Gürsel

12.06: L’organisation du travail dans l’économie digitale, Elena Signorini et Maria Monserrate Egio

30.07: Le respect du droit d’accès au juge dans le contentieux privé international, Julie Esquenazi

06.08: The Conflicts and Coordination between Digital Trade Liberalization and National Sovereignty, Guanfu Tan