Rencontres informelles


21.08.2018:  Privacy Protection in an Era of Big Data and Location Technologies
Laura Garcia Vargas, PhD Student, University of Ottawa

26.07.2018: Autonomous interpretation of EU choice of law provisions
Florian Heindler, Sigmund Freud University

19.07.2018 : A Decent Social Minimum in the Language of Human Rights
Elena Pribytkova, University of Basel

06.06.2018: Le droit du travail dans l'économie du travail
Elena Signorini, Professeur, Université de Bergame

22.05.2018: The Impact of the Indian Decentralisation Policies on Indigenous Governance Institutions
Chiara Correndo, PhD Student, University of Torino

17.05.2018: The Mechanisms of Mutual Legal Assistance between Egypt and Switzerland
Marwa Youssef Elbesiky, PhD student, University of Alexandria

24.04.2018: Role of Law in Preservation of Agricultural Land
Sofija Nikolic, PhD student, University of Belgrade

15.03.2018 : Film Screening “CASA SON DUNO”
Vanessa Rüegger, Associate Professor at Unidistance and Lecturer at the University of Basel

27.02.2018 : Les enfants nés par gestation pour autrui en droit iranien
Elaheh MOHSENI, Doctorante, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

22.02.2018 : The Search for a Unitary Legal Framework for Data: Is “Propertization” the Answer?
Ioana Stupariu, Central European University

01.02.2018 : Regulating Religion – The case of Kosher regulation in Israel
Hanan Mandel, Lecturer and faculty member, ONO Academic College

30.01.2018 : Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive 2011 public - private law divide
Mariia Domina Repiquet, PhD student, University of Strasbourg

23.01.2018 : Fostering efficacy in the asset recovery of proceeds of transnational corruption
Camelia Bogdan, Judge at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, Romania


19.12.2017 : Punitive damages: comparative analysis and recent developments in private International Law
Tommaso Ferrario, Undergraduate Student, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

14.12.2017 : China, Switzerland and European Union: Human Rights Standards in Free Trade Agreement
Joséphine Rüegsegger, East China University of Political Science and Law, China

28.11.2017 : Internet of Things (IoT): new possibilities, new threats, new legislative challenges for European legal systems
Nina Natalia Baranowska, PhD candidate University of Wroclaw, Poland

23.11.2017 : Criminal Offence of Financial Market Manipulation Comparative Legal Analysis of Swiss, EU- and US-law
Patrick Uhrmeister, PhD Student, University of Bern

29.08.2017 : La liberté de l’art
Vanessa Rüegger, Professeur associée à UniDistance et Chargée de cours à l’Université de Bâle

22.08.2017 : L’appel-nullité
Arnaud Hoc, Assistant et Chercheur à l’Université Catholique de Louvain

25.07.2017 : Contracts on the advancement on the inheritance in Swiss Law
Klemens Jansen, PhD Student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

19.07.2017 : Treaty-based Investment Arbitration: Jurisdictional Issues and China’s Participation
Jian Zhang, PhD Student, China University of Political Science & Law

07.07.2017 : Confucianism and Chinese Private Law: A case study approach
Lihong Zhang, Director of European Law and Roman Law Research Center, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shangai, China
Vice general-secretary of the Chinese National Society of Civil Law, Director of the Chinese National Society of Comparative Law

29.06.2017 : Réflexions sur le traitement des situations internationales par le droit international privé
Laure Stark, Doctorante, Université de Bourgogne

27.06.2017 : Service of process via social media: like or defriend?
Cedric Vanleenhove, Doctorante, Université de Bourgogne

22.06.2017 : The Rule of Law in Africa
Salvatore Mancuso, Professor, University of Cape Town

06.06.2017 : Bonnes Moeurs in Portuguese Private Law (from a Comparative Perspective)
Manuel Campos de Magalhães, PhD New University of Lisbon, Portugal

16.05.2017 : Solidarité, économie et processus fédératifs
Edmondo Mostacci, Université Bocconi, Milan, Italie

30.03.2017 : Towards Mandatory Corporate Due Diligence in Europe?
Paola Cavanna, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

07.03.2017 : Access to Justice and the Environment
Agnes Hellner, PhD candidate University of Uppsala, Sweden

14.02.2017 : The Infringements of Non-Statutory Duties of Care as a Reason for Responsibility in the Law of Torts
Witold Borysiak, PhD University of Warsaw, Poland

10.01.2017 : The UK’s approach to mass dispute resolution in the consumer financial services sector
Adam Samuel, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Financial Services Compliance Expert