Rencontres informelles


12.11.2018: The Contribution of Due Diligence in the Field of Corporate Accountability with Respect to the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment.
Paul Mougeolle, PhD Student, University of Potsdam and Paris Nanterre

13.09.2018: Social Interests in Investment Arbitration: a discourse analysis
Kusum Dhanania, PhD Student, Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva

21.08.2018:  Privacy Protection in an Era of Big Data and Location Technologies
Laura Garcia Vargas, PhD Student, University of Ottawa

26.07.2018: Autonomous interpretation of EU choice of law provisions
Florian Heindler, Sigmund Freud University

19.07.2018 : A Decent Social Minimum in the Language of Human Rights
Elena Pribytkova, University of Basel

06.06.2018: Le droit du travail dans l'économie du travail
Elena Signorini, Professeur, Université de Bergame

22.05.2018: The Impact of the Indian Decentralisation Policies on Indigenous Governance Institutions
Chiara Correndo, PhD Student, University of Torino

17.05.2018: The Mechanisms of Mutual Legal Assistance between Egypt and Switzerland
Marwa Youssef Elbesiky, PhD student, University of Alexandria

24.04.2018: Role of Law in Preservation of Agricultural Land
Sofija Nikolic, PhD student, University of Belgrade

15.03.2018 : Film Screening “CASA SON DUNO”
Vanessa Rüegger, Associate Professor at Unidistance and Lecturer at the University of Basel

27.02.2018 : Les enfants nés par gestation pour autrui en droit iranien
Elaheh MOHSENI, Doctorante, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

22.02.2018 : The Search for a Unitary Legal Framework for Data: Is “Propertization” the Answer?
Ioana Stupariu, Central European University

01.02.2018 : Regulating Religion – The case of Kosher regulation in Israel
Hanan Mandel, Lecturer and faculty member, ONO Academic College

30.01.2018 : Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive 2011 public - private law divide
Mariia Domina Repiquet, PhD student, University of Strasbourg

23.01.2018 : Fostering efficacy in the asset recovery of proceeds of transnational corruption
Camelia Bogdan, Judge at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, Romania


19.12.2017 : Punitive damages: comparative analysis and recent developments in private International Law
Tommaso Ferrario, Undergraduate Student, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

14.12.2017 : China, Switzerland and European Union: Human Rights Standards in Free Trade Agreement
Joséphine Rüegsegger, East China University of Political Science and Law, China

28.11.2017 : Internet of Things (IoT): new possibilities, new threats, new legislative challenges for European legal systems
Nina Natalia Baranowska, PhD candidate University of Wroclaw, Poland

23.11.2017 : Criminal Offence of Financial Market Manipulation Comparative Legal Analysis of Swiss, EU- and US-law
Patrick Uhrmeister, PhD Student, University of Bern

29.08.2017 : La liberté de l’art
Vanessa Rüegger, Professeur associée à UniDistance et Chargée de cours à l’Université de Bâle

22.08.2017 : L’appel-nullité
Arnaud Hoc, Assistant et Chercheur à l’Université Catholique de Louvain

25.07.2017 : Contracts on the advancement on the inheritance in Swiss Law
Klemens Jansen, PhD Student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

19.07.2017 : Treaty-based Investment Arbitration: Jurisdictional Issues and China’s Participation
Jian Zhang, PhD Student, China University of Political Science & Law

07.07.2017 : Confucianism and Chinese Private Law: A case study approach
Lihong Zhang, Director of European Law and Roman Law Research Center, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shangai, China
Vice general-secretary of the Chinese National Society of Civil Law, Director of the Chinese National Society of Comparative Law

29.06.2017 : Réflexions sur le traitement des situations internationales par le droit international privé
Laure Stark, Doctorante, Université de Bourgogne

27.06.2017 : Service of process via social media: like or defriend?
Cedric Vanleenhove, Doctorante, Université de Bourgogne

22.06.2017 : The Rule of Law in Africa
Salvatore Mancuso, Professor, University of Cape Town

06.06.2017 : Bonnes Moeurs in Portuguese Private Law (from a Comparative Perspective)
Manuel Campos de Magalhães, PhD New University of Lisbon, Portugal

16.05.2017 : Solidarité, économie et processus fédératifs
Edmondo Mostacci, Université Bocconi, Milan, Italie

30.03.2017 : Towards Mandatory Corporate Due Diligence in Europe?
Paola Cavanna, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy

07.03.2017 : Access to Justice and the Environment
Agnes Hellner, PhD candidate University of Uppsala, Sweden

14.02.2017 : The Infringements of Non-Statutory Duties of Care as a Reason for Responsibility in the Law of Torts
Witold Borysiak, PhD University of Warsaw, Poland

10.01.2017 : The UK’s approach to mass dispute resolution in the consumer financial services sector
Adam Samuel, Lawyer, Arbitrator and Financial Services Compliance Expert