Supervisory Council

Tasks of the Supervisory Council

(Article 7 of the Federal law on the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law)

1.    The Supervisory Council of the institute plans and defines in broad terms the activities and management of the institute.

2.    The Supervisory has responsability for:

  1. Defining the research program of the institute;
  2. Making proposals to the supervisory authority for the endorsement of the budget, accounts and annual report;
  3. Nominating the staff of the institute, except for the director;
  4. Deciding the services and mandates for important researches;
  5. Maintining the relations of the institute with law faculties and legal departments, and also with other institutions and interested parties.

3.    The Federal Council determines in precise terms the roles of the members of the Supervisory Council of the institute and defines the powers of the Committee.

Composition of the Supervisory Council

(Article 6 of the Federal Law on the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law)

1.    The Supervisory Council is formed by:

  1. At least eleven representatives of the Confederation, among them representatives of the Federal Office of Justice, the Direction of Public International Law, the Federal Court and Federal Institutes of Technology.
  2. A representative of each of the law faculties of Swiss universities, Hochschule Saint-Gall, the Swiss Society for Jurists and the canton where the headquarters are located.

2.    The Federal Council nominates the members of the Supervisory Council of the institute on the recommendation of the represented institutions and nominates the president.

3.    The Supervisory Council of the institute is elected for a period of four years; re-election is possible.

4.    The Supervisory Council of the institute creates a Committee managed by the president of the Supervisory Council. This Committee is formed by two representatives of the Confederation and two others members of the Supervisory Council.

The director of the Institute attends meetings of the Council and the Committee in a consultative capacity; he or she can call on other staff of the Institute as necessary.

Members of the Supervisory Council (2016-2019) by alphabetical order  

[*Members of the Supervisory Council]   

Président : Martin DUMERMUTH*, Directeur, OFJ

Représentants des Universités & Hautes Écoles 
•    Ruth ARNET, Professeure, Université de Zurich 
•    Andrea BONOMI, Professeur, Université de Lausanne 
•    Florence GUILLAUME , Professeure, Université de Neuchâtel 
•    Peter JUNG, Professeur, Université de Bâle  

•    Susan KILLIAS, Secrétaire générale, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne 
•    Peter V. KUNZ, Professeur, Université de Berne 
•    Karin MÜLLER, Professeure, Université de Lucerne 
•    Markus MÜLLER-CHEN, Professeur, Université de Saint Gall 
•    Franz WERRO*, Professeur, Université de Fribourg 
•    Bénédict WINIGER, Professeur, Université de Genève 

Représentants des administrations fédérale et cantonale 
•    Florence AUBRY GIRARDIN, Juge fédérale, Tribunal Fédéral 
•    Eric GOLAZ, Chef de service, Etat de Vaud 
•    Jürg LINDENMANN, Ambassadeur et directeur suppléant de la Direction DFAE 
•    Barbara RÜETSCHI, Suppléante, Administration fédérale des finances 
•    Gerhard M. SALADIN, Chef Législation, Département fédéral VBS 
•    Michael SCHOELL*, Vice-directeur, OFJ 
•    Karine SIEGWART, Vice-directrice, OFEV
•    Daniel ZIMMERMANN, Chef de service, OFC

Représentants du secteur privé 
•    Dominique BROWN-BERSET*, Avocate, Brown & Page Genève 

Scientific Council

In 2012, the management and the Board of the Institute decided to set up a Scientific Council for the purpose of advising on the strategy and choice of program of scientific activities for the SICL. 

Council members: 

Chair: Alexander Markus, Professor, University of Bern (CH) 
Vice President: Andreas Furrer, Professor, University of Lucerne (CH) 

Samantha Besson, Professor, University of Fribourg (CH)
Katharina Boele-Woelki, Professor, University of Ultrecht (NL) and Dean, Bucerius Law School (D)
Peter Breitschmid, Professor, University of Zurich (CH) 
Mauro Bussani, Professor, University of Trieste (I) Geneviève Schamps, Professor, Catholic University of Leuven (B) 
Petros C. Mavroidis, Professor, University of Neuchâtel (CH) and Columbia Law School (USA) 
Ulrich Magnus, Professor, University of Hamburg (D) 
Pierre Widmer, former Director of the SICL (CH) 
Corinne Widmer Lüchinger, Professor, University of Basel (CH)