Support for training


The Institute actively assists Swiss Universities in teaching comparative law. It regularly receives visits by groups of students and offers ready-made seminars in comparative law which provide the students an initial practical experience with foreign legal systems.

Activities for DOCTORAL Candidates

The Institute actively participates in the training of doctoral candidates. Among other things, in its capacity as an associate member of the Western Swiss University Conference (CUSO), the Institute organises an annual event within the framework of the doctoral programme in law which the CUSO aims primarily at doctoral law students in law who are affiliated with member universities (University of Fribourg, University of Geneva, University of Lausanne and University of Neuchâtel) or partners of the CUSO. The aims of the CUSO’s doctoral programme are to improve the conditions under which candidates write their doctoral theses, by facilitating contacts between researchers in a stimulating academic environment.


Several internships are offered each year to students who have obtained a Master’s degree in law.

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