Description, activities and statutes

The Swiss Institute of Comparative Law celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2002 and brought together a number of former collaborators, scholarship winners and visitors for this occasion. The Association of the Alumni of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law was created to associate this vast network of specialists, who were subsequently joined by professional partners and a network of interested persons and friends of the Institute.

The AiSDC has as its mission to:

  •  Develop relations between its members and the SICL in addition to relations between the SICL and the outside world;
  •  Consolidate the existing networks of former collaborators, scholarships winners, visitors and other friends of the SICL and foster the expansion of this network;
  •  Encourage young researchers to come to the SICL possibly by participating in the financing of their scholarships;
  •  Support projects allowing for the reinforcement of the esteem of the SICL in Switzerland and abroad;
  •  Share information on legal developments in respective countries or in particular areas of law in which members are active;
  •  Organise scientific and / or social activities or contribute to their organisation and financing.